Diploma 'Abduction of Balthazar Sponge'

  1. AIM: To celebrate the 50th anniversary of 'Abduction of Balthazar Sponge' fairy tale creation, which had a lot in common with our hobby.

  2. ORGANIZER: SP9KAT – Beskidzki Radio Club, SP9PGE - Cracow Group of Radio Expeditions.

  3. DURATION: 04.10.2019 - 20.10.2019.

  4. BANDS & MODES: All bands from 160m to 70cm (no: repeaters, cross band/modes, echolink). Emissions CW, SSB, PSK, RTTY. FM - only on 2m and 70cm.

  5. PARTICIPANTS: Award is available to any licensed radio amateur, both individual and clubs - according to owned licenses.


  7. REQUIREMENTS: Polish stations: minimum one QSO with each of 4 organizer's callsigns. Others: minimum two QSOs with any of 4 organizer's callsigns (different ones). Awards will be granted according to the special event's stations logs, no correspondents' logbooks and qsl cards are needed.

  8. AWARDS: Electronic certificates can be obtained at www.hf50bg.pzk.pl

  9. COMPETITION: There will be special cup granted for the correspondents with the highest number of unique QSOs with organizer's callsigns. The cup will be granted in two categories: for Polish stations and for stations from abroad. Unique QSO is the QSO conducted with the same organizer's callsign but in the other day or in the same day but using different emission or on the other band.

  10. REMARKS: The final interpretation of the above Regulations belongs to the organizer. Contact: sq9mci@vp.pl

  11. Information for SWL stations:
    SWL stations that want to receive the diploma, should send their logs via email until 31st October 2019 to sq9mci@vp.pl
    SWL stations from Poland can get the dimploma if they make SWLs with all 4 organisator's stations.
    SWL station from abroad can get the diploma if they make SWLs with any 2 of organisator's stations.
    The diplomas for SWL stations will be distibuted to them (after providing the logs) via email, after completion of the diploma action.