Short story

In 1965 a novel titled 'Abduction of Baltazar the Sponge' was published. This novel by Stanisław Pagaczewski was welcomed very warmly and got crowds of readers. Due to the great success of the book there was a decision made to produce a cartoon based on the history of looking for and releasing of lost professor Baltazar the Sponge.

Between the years 1969-1970 a cartoon series covering 13 episodes was created. First 6 episodes were broadcasted in 1969, the remaining 7 episodes in 1970.
Directors of the particular episodes are listed below:

  1. Władysław Nehrebecki, episode 1
  2. Edward Wątor, episodes: 1, 4, 8
  3. Józef Byrdy, episode 3
  4. Bronisław Zeman, episode 5
  5. Alfred Ledwig, episode 6
  6. Wacław Wajser, episodes: 7, 11, 12
  7. Stanisław Dülz, episodes: 9, 10, 13

50 years later...

This year 50 years have passed since the premiere of this cartoon that is really worth to show to our kids. In the cartoon we can find also many references to amateur radio activity.

To cellebrate this anniversary SP9KAT – Beskidzki Radio Club and SP9PGE - Cracow Group of Radio Expeditions invite all the radio amateurs to take part in the unique diploma action called 'Abduction of Baltazar the Sponge'.

Special callsigns taking part in the action are:


Information on the stations can be found at

We encourage you to check the regulations of the diploma action and actively participate.

Speciment of diploma Abduction of Baltazar the Sponge